Most recently I was given the opportunity to donate to a non-profit fund of my choice.  I thought about this, I know that there are many good causes out there that I will support someday.   My decision was weighed; in the past I didn’t think twice about choosing an organization to give to.  I have had different experiences that brought to my attention that most non-profit organizations have a wealth of money that they invest and can sustain themselves and receive heavily from businesses.   If I am going to give, I first look at my home situation, the members of my family, my children and grandchildren, what could help them, are they all set.  Then I would move out to my extended family is there something that someone needs help with, are they in a difficult place.  People think nothing of giving to these charities, but when it come to people in their own family, they can’t lift a finger, in fact, it never even occurs to them to think in this way.  They have so many psychological issues and reasons why they can’t help.  Do you think the people that charities are giving your money to are perfect? When you find yourself feeling this way, ask why you feel this way, and are your thoughts grounded in truths, or are they projections of your own condition, something from your past maybe? This can be an opportunity for healing hearts.

        Many businesses now have a fund that people donate to, even though it is not tax deductible, to help co-workers though difficult times, through life changes, illness, or loss.  Charity begins at home.  It is the middle class that needs the help quite often.  It is not for us to judge others in these times of need, it is just for us to help one another.

Their are many for profit businesses that, though they are not tax deductible, supporting their cause is a worthy goal to bring about much needed change in the world.

Mystic Soul in a for profit business