Spring is in the Air

Happy Easter,

As I feel the energies of the South warming the earth so the grass can grow green once again, and the flowers can bloom. I am reminded of the cyclical nature of our existence. The seasons go round and round, we have day and night day and night; birth and death. At the same time my spirit feels a deep sense of stillness, consistency, security, timelessness as everything changes around us in this circular pattern. All sense of urgency disappears, fear diminishes. Nature brings us this deep sense of security.

We are as perennial as the grass, our spirit never dies, just changes form. This is the message at Easter and Christ was the proof. We are divine beings. Endowed with divine attributes from our creator. After a long winter we rejoice in the new energy of Spring, everything coming to life again. With this energy comes new opportunities, new growth, rebirth, abundance, sustenance, joy! The energy is just as joyous as the year before, again and again, ancient and powerful, bringing us blessings, reminding us we are eternal beings.