This chakra is about grounding to the earth, our home, our source of life sustaining energy from Divine Mother. It is about developing a loving relationship with nature, the earth and the feminine divine, the Goddess by spending time outside. It is about connecting with your 10th chakra positioned in the earth.

The Root Chakra is our connection with our body. It is our ability to feel physical sensations and pain, the root chakra controls our physical vitality it supplies life-sustaining energy for the whole body.

Psychological social aspects: The Root Chakra determines our ability to survive in the world, it's our fueling energy to work, and fulfill material needs. It fuels a desire for home and family life. Tribal instincts are experienced through this chakra along with social morals, pier pressure, and group energy.

Physical: Location (perineum) affects; skeletal system, blood formation and cell renewal, adrenal glands, rectum, anus, coccygeal vertebrae, legs perineum, and skin. 

The Chakra Flowers are portals to journey into your chakra in silence, when inside call on the names of God & Goddess; they are keys for grace, say your own prayer to God for healing. Focus in silence with eyes open. The flowers radiate healing energy. They were created with love and compassion to heal suffering.                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                             Many blessings to you.

Sending you love, joy & light.

This has been a labor of love and compassion for those who are suffering and a driving force within to connect to the light.

After your donation is processed below, go to the contact tab at the top of the page and send me the first name of the person who needs prayer and a brief description of their situation ,and you or the person in need of prayers, will be prayed for for 1 week.