The Shadow Self

That part of yourself that owns all your darkness, the decisions you make that cause you to spiral downward. A shift in perception that causes you to shift out of love and slide down somewhere close to the other end of the pole. Losing balance. This is where you act out of character, embarrassing, disgusting, hurtful, hateful, and when its all said and done you cant believe you did all that, so you disown it. You give it to someone else, they are the cause of it all. You can only see this behavior in others not in yourself, as you detach from this, they become the one who actually did this. This is projection. Sometimes this part of yourself may fragment and be out there waiting for like energy to attach to. Someone acts out in a terrible way and boom, they have collected this dark energy, it attaches to them. They now have this horrible energy presence they can’t deal with, to help them in their downward Spiral. How does one clear this. My practice teaches this, how to care for the soul and spirit. It empowers people by educating them on matters of the soul. Not everyone has a shadow self. Some have healed this and clear it as they live their life.

Where did this term come from, the Shadow Self? It is a Jungian term. The opposite end of the spectrum is the grace. The opposite loving behavior that is achieved when we overcome our shadow or heal our emotions by owning the wrong that we did.

This is also in Christian Theology called the Sins and the Virtues. When one has a Christian initiation and awakening experience. They come to know this and can call it by name. They experience the shadows and virtues through the people around them. This all becomes very clear and they live with a different perspective of life. Some people moved by this profound experience will write about their journey to share their inspiration and the grace and wisdom they have received. No one owns this information it is sacred and part of the awakening experience that all Christian can have through a sincere practice. I share from my personal experiences

Each Religious Tradition and also Buddhism, which is a philosophy with a practice to awaken, has an initiation and awakening experience that is unique and gives one soul growth in different areas. For more information or to learn about my interfaith practice, sign up for my workshop series. Art Therapy for the Mystic Soul. Or join in Meditation. under the contact tab,