Memories of A Friend

Just recently I purchased a cubicle shelf system, the kind with the separate bins you can pull out. I pulled it out of the box to assemble and was immediately aware of the warning sticker placed on the boarding. Formaldehyde, banned in the state of California, known to cause Lung Cancer. Immediately I remembered my friend, pieces of information all came together.

It was Summer several years ago, I stopped at her house. I hadn’t seen her in months. She didn’t come to the door. A couple weeks later I stopped again, I had lost her number. She came to the door. She was so sick she couldn’t hardly talk, she invited me in. I wanted to know if I could help her in someway. She explained, she had her kitchen remodeled a little while ago, and she become very ill. The materials from the new cabinets were degassing, she was sick ever since they were put in. Within two months she passed. She had Lung Cancer. She was very health conscious all her life.

Now I realized, as I quickly packed up the box to return to the store, It must have been Formaldehyde from the cabinets. It didn’t take long, a matter of months, thought she had the flu at first. I do miss her, I was so sad to see her this way. Sending love her way and blessings.

Please be aware of this when remodeling and looking at furniture. I found out I could make the shelf out of real wood, for less than I paid for this unit. I think of the people who work in stores where this is sold. Its banned in California. Are they aware?? Please share this.