Brilliant Luminous Light to Appear

I wanted to clarify the message that I got last week, I received more on this today. The Light that is to appear or will suddenly become visible to us; we can look upon it, though brilliant. There are many colors in this Light, it will emanate love. It will be very visible with the naked eye, a huge light show that will stop you in your tracks, it will change your life. This light is not the sun.

People are making choices now; think carefully about this choice, there is a division happening, people are falling by the wayside. The gap is getting bigger between light and dark forces, we are feeling this as energy rifts, or backlash currents of energy. You are being called to heal your body to stop polluting your body and your life by the ethical choices you make, how you treat others, kindness, honesty. How much do you love yourself. Those that heed the call are being empowered. This will prepare you for the light, by letting your body heal, detox you are capable of holding more energy. You will be able to hold this love light energy. Start detoxing. Look up Bentonite Clay detox, read about it, good for smokers. Follow your divine guidance for a detox. Do something today to start healing your body and your life. Quit Smoking today. Casual drinking in moderation. Start loving your body.