I was doing my guided light meditation this morning, later than usual, just rolling along with my morning; I was pulling the light into the center of my head, the sun rose just to the right place and suddenly was shining through the window right on my head. As I gradually channeled the light down through the inside of my body, the sun moved across the window ever so slowly with me and stayed on me throughout my meditation.

After meditation I was polishing my toe nails, holding the rose colored nail polish in one hand and painting with the other. I suddenly noticed I was holding it sideways and the polish had poured out in a puddle on my beautiful rug. I quickly grabbed a knife and scraped it off into a sea shell that was handy, to find it had fallen on the red flower on my multi colored rug and it didn’t show! : ))

Later in the day I showed up at my son’s house for a random visit while on the way to run an errand, I thought my granddaughter might come with me, the phone rang right after I stepped through the door, it was my other son. He needed help moving a dock, so I was there in time to take my granddaughter out for a bit.

I believe my angels are with me!!!