After centering yourself in your Heart Center, call to mind a person who hurt you or was unjust,  talk to them, soul to soul, tell them how their actions made you feel.  See them apologizing to you telling you they are sorry.  You may automatically see this playing out in your minds eye.  Accept their apology, you may receive an understanding of why they did what they did or not. Forgive them hug them see them giving you a beautiful gift from their heart and say good bye.  

Call to mind those you have hurt one by one.    Feel in your heart their pain until you feel genuinely sorry for the pain you caused by your words or actions and apologize, whether you feel they deserved it or not is not the issue, you are clearing your karma and freeing them and you.  This is not a statement of guilt as sometimes people are hurt by things unintentionally. Sometimes it was very intentional.  See them forgiving you for your actions or hurtful words. You may offer them a beautiful gift from your heart.   This is done in all faiths all traditions.  In the Jewish tradition, this is done in the late Summer for fall,  to prepare for Yom Kippur; in person with those that can be reached safely, now is a good time to start.