What does it mean to awaken the light body?

The Luminous metaphysical body is our spirit body permeating and surrounding our physical body.  This is also known as your energetic body.  It is in layers, coordinating with each chakra. Colored light permeates and surrounds you.  After a time of this spiritual practice, healing and clearing the chakras; karma clearing and being centered in love, you will awaken the triple flames of the Trinity.  The red, yellow and blue flames of the Divine centered in your heart.  As your heart awakens, a beautiful magenta red pink luminous light will slowly saturate your being, wrapping you in divine love.  With golden kundalini energy flowing up your spine, infiltrating the colors. The Magenta light heals the body.

During the guided light meditation in this series, you control and imagine what you are seeing.  When your light body awakens it all happens automatically the color and light is there for you to see, there is no effort to make it happen. You see it in your minds eye.  Energy follows thought, as you think so shall you be.