As an Interfaith Practitioner Kabbalist & Shaman who heals through Art, BA, a Lay Leader/ My Code of Ethics & Mission 

To empower people to reach their highest potential by connecting to the Divine and centering in Love;  To empower humanity to awaken to self knowledge and truth, healing body, mind, and soul by providing a pathway and support on the journey to awakening.

  To foster an atmosphere of respect for all the religions listed as paths to God, without judgement. Many interfaith people have evolved through a variety of traditions. These traditions are merging in the collective consciousness, their journey is an important one for the evolution of humanity.  This is dissolving the religious boundaries between humanity and focusing on the truth teachings of love to deepen respect for one another as we awaken to love.

As a Lay Leader, I share from my practical experience as well as book knowledge. I focus on practice more so than preaching.  A practice that extracts the truths and major teachings of these major religions and focuses on prayer meditation and practice without the dogma.   I can support  Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Christians, Hindu and shamans who are seeking an eclectic  Divine path to God. 

I do not write or speak negatively about other religious traditions, or express sexual discrimination in my practice.  I do not use dogma that degrades or physically hurts oneself or others, children, women or men, gay or trans genders.  All traditions must practice in the highest standard of humanitarian love.  I am not involved in any extremest groups.

Mystic Soul respects the historical and practical side of these traditions .  This Ministry is grounded in prayer and ritual centered in Love, a practice to honor the divine in all beings, it is not about rules and dogma.

Mystic Soul invites people who may have an eclectic spiritual background, who are soul seekers and serious about their spiritual growth; with a God/ Goddess centered faith who are seeking a daily eclectic home practice for whole body healing.

Mystic Soul hopes to promote and inspire each persons creativity in prayer and invites each contributor to express themselves authentically and traditionally, it is important to honor the roots and truth of traditions and expand creatively from these roots.  Truth is timeless and eternal grounded in love.

Religion must be re-birthed throughout time and be re-experienced from the soul level.  Honoring the individuation process and the birthing of the divine in each being.  To have appreciation and respect for the beauty and creativity that flows through people from The Divine Creator.

Care, guidance and support for those going through the transformation. Honoring the Archetypal path of each souls journey to healing and wholeness, awakening  divinity.