This practice is for people who are serious about a daily practice with a desire to grow their faith and bring healing to body mind and soul. For Interfaith seekers and their children. (special childrens group)  It is very empowering and healing for people with addictions, and illness. It is daily maintenance for those who are well. 

Yoga is strongly recommended to complete this practice.   The guided meditations are for self healing and inner sight, they can purge issues bringing them to the surface, healing is spontaneous at times; you may want to document and share your  experience.  We all have day to day energy needs and knowledge of the energy bodies is key to healing.   If you have experienced trauma in your past it is strongly recommended that you are seeing a counselor while attending the workshops.

 This Interfaith prayer and meditation practice takes one down a deeply moving and very unique path of healing and self empowerment.  As in biblical times, and indigenous Cultures, it reconnects healing with God and the spirit Body.  It takes one to a place where art, science and religion meet.

 BECOME A MEMBER BY: Attending the meditation groups with a membership monthly fee of  $25.00.   You may attend all three groups, or just one.  With an additional $25.00 per month. The Judeo Christian Kabbalah group is for those who have attended at least one chakra flower workshop series.   

 Attending the workshop series;  If you are interested in being part of this ministry please contact me. You are a member near or far after attending a workshop series.  What does that mean. You are added to my mailing list for events and workshops and supported during your spiritual journey & growth period . You are practicing the guided meditation and silent meditations from your home, this teaches a home practice for personal use and maybe attending one of the meditation groups or all.   If you choose and your spiritual background renders you right for this project, you can become an employee and help grow this ministry working with me.   You may also after attending all sessions have a franchisee contract.  Contact me for Professional and Personal Terms of Use.

Once this ministry is established, members (those who have taken a work shop series)  may contribute to this ministry. To present workshops or meditation groups, one must have a daily religious practice grounded in one of the major traditions mentioned. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism including reformed traditions and Gnostic practices.  Please note Buddhism is not a religion it is a practice for the soul and spirit to live peacefully, righteously and to transcend suffering, it is a philosophy and can enhance any religion.

 Creativity in prayer/ritual/workshops is encouraged.  This Interfaith practice inspires/ encourages music, art, writing, dance, to become part of your creative ritual.

This is my mission in 2019 I am hoping to connect with like minded souls who will work with me to grow this Interfaith Ministry focussed on whole body healing.