Kabbalah Shabbat! Ready to begin, email to register for Friday, 6:30-8:00 PM Bi-Weekly.  We will be working the Sefirot and the Paths on the Kabbalah Tree of Life, with the teachings of Yeshuah.  These wisdom teachings are for study and practice, to help us on our life journey with it's tests, trials, and lessons. There will be time for reflection, group sharing, and compassionate listening. 

Judeo-Christian Kabbalah Prayer & Study

Presented by Mystic Soul, location given at registration

The three study meditation groups listed are part of my meditation membership. 

This Judeo-Christian Study practice group works with the chakras and Sefirot on the Kabbalah Tree of Life and follows two formats that alternate each session.  The Kabbalah lecture will be presented when there are 10 in the group(with fee).  The Chakra Flower Workshop is a prerequisite for obtaining my book that supports this practice but you will reap the healing benefits of this group with or without the book. 

Buddhist Meditation Sangha "Rythm of Light" call or email to register 6:30pm-7:30pm Bi-Weekly.

This is a guided practice based on the teachings of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche  with adaptations and also the teachings of Thich Naht Hanh with original meditation poems by Catherine.  My practice formed during my 9 years of Tibetan Buddhist self guided practice after studying the Course in Miracles for many years. I also received initiation for Usui Reiki lll and Anugraha Reiki initiations. I studied and practiced Hinduism with Dharma Dharini in 2008.  This Sangha follows the 8-Fold Path in our studies, Zazen Meditation and guided meditation poems, mindfulness walking, dharma study and group sharing.  This group is open to new members who are serious about pursuing their spiritual path, and also for  those experienced in meditation.  Bring meditation cushion if you use one (not needed) we have many pews to sit on, bring mala beads.  Photo of someone in need of healing, Optional.  Membership fee $25.00 monthly.  Please call to register 207-205-8165 or email under the contact tab.

Course In Miracles Study, Practice Group

Sundays 10:30AM -11:30AM.   This is a philosophical and psychological understanding of truth.  It works on healing the ego at the cognitive level just as meditation and mindfulness practice does.  It teaches forgiveness on a very deep level.  It rests on the one truth "NOTHING REAL CAN BE THREATENED.  NOTHING UNREAL EXISTS.  HEREIN LIES THE PEACE OF GOD.  It states that " the opposite of love is fear, but what is all encompassing can have no opposites."   The Course In Miracles book is needed.  The book is three parts in one.  The Text, the Workbook, and the Manual for Teachers.  You may share mine or another during reading time if you are not sure and just want to explore the Course.   We may do lunch in town following the meeting, Optional.  Call to register or use the contact tab.