After updating should look like this! or it may be a different color!

After updating should look like this! or it may be a different color!

This photo was how it looked after the last painting and updates many years ago.  It now needs new cedar shingles and paint.

Oak Grove Chapel Preservation Fund-Raiser

 Oak Grove Chapel RT 201, Vassalboro, ME 04989

Oak Grove Chapel Healing Arts Presentation 2018

Healing through Interfaith Prayer, Art & Science Weekend of August 4th & 5th Saturday 9AM-5PM Sunday till 3PM

All Proceeds go to the Chapel Preservation Fund

Seeking volunteer presenters, healers, & the healed. Share an inspirational healing story, breakthrough method, new treatment, music, interfaith spiritual art, dance, poetry, prayer, meditation, alternative healing sound resonance, or a new venue of healing.  After submitting your one-page description, website/info etc. we will respond with additional info and let you know if it has been selected.  We do not want duplicate presentations,  seeking to inform, inspire, educate, and entertain.  All communities welcome.  Presenters will be presenting on stage, or up front, at a scheduled time, the audience seats up to 150 people.  Music can be inside, or outside.  Presenter may set up a booth outside weather permitting, if selling healing bks, CDs, stones, supplements etc.  Please respond asap or before May 30th, 2018.   

Chosen presenters have an option to set up a booth outside if weather permits to vend their wares at a scheduled time if desired no fee.


Repairs needed this year the West Side Porch needs to be redone and the entire building needs to be painted outside first than inside, the south side cedar shingles need to be replaced. The stained-glass windows repaired.  The foundation and roof have been fixed with grant money. With your donation of materials, money, labor & paid or discounted labor, your business will be advertised on the brochures for the event.  (Labor must be insured) Contact: Susan Briggs, or Catherine Lacombe fund raiser committee for the Non-Profit River Meeting House/Oak Grove Chapel.

This is a non-profit organization.  Susan’s Email: Address to donate money/Business address: Grove Chapel, 593 Maine Street, Vassalboro ME 04989. 

To Present or donate materials contact Catherine Lacombe or 207-205-8165 after 7pm

Presenters: Please send your idea, art image, info/website etc., and a one-page description of your presentation.  Please include the length of time you would need to present, specify if you are available either day Sat or Sun.  We will send along more details of the event.  Send

Artists to present interfaith spiritual art, books, music, sculpture, dance & share a healing story or your creative process in relation to healing.

Art will be displayed in the front stage area on an easel, or free standing during your presentation.  If secure, may stay in the front during the entire event.  It can be for sale or just to show (60% to artist 40% to the Chapel).  Must be insured not liable for art. May gift a painting, sculpture or service to the chapel to be gifted to volunteer carpenters or painters.  Volunteer Musicians to share their music for listening, dance or intermissions (if you cannot volunteer please note the minimum you would need to be paid) Outside dance would be on Sunday.  Volunteer Presenters can sell CDs., books etc. if set up outside with a booth during scheduled time.  Focus is on alternative healing & healing arts.

Resonance Healers, Sound Healers, must be presenting on stage to have a booth outside.  Please consider a free handout or info brochure to attendees.

Inspirational Speakers, Healers, Doctors, Alternative Healers, Naturopaths, presenters please consider gifting a service to our volunteer Carpenters or Painters.

Price of tickets: The tickets for attendees will be priced @$45.00 for two days $35.00 for one day. The funds will cover our building updates,  presentation expenses, porta-potties, snacks & drinks, everyone is to bring a bag lunch.   This is a sit-down event, or presenters may have attendees interact in some way.

The Non-Profit “Friends of River Meeting House/Oak Grove Chapel” is a preservation committee formed several years ago by Susan Briggs and some alumni of Oak Grove School. Daphne Wright, who resides in So. Carolina, is the grant writer and President of the non- profit.  Susan is Vice President with the support other Members. Catherine Lacombe, newest member, is involved in the fundraising task and will be a presenter-teaching her Interfaith healing workshop series this summer. Their goal is to repair the Chapel for Community use. Maine Preservation is advising the restoration process. The building is post and beam construction originally built in 1786. Restored in 1895 by building around the original construction. The building is solid and a beautiful example of early architecture.

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