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When you have lived many lifetimes in different cultures; how do you choose the spiritual path for your soul.   

Your soul chooses for you, its a calling, an interest, a curiosity, or a burning desire.

I have always had a soulful interest in spirituality, religion, art, healing, psychology, and philosophy. These interests all seemed to exist and grow in separate rooms in my psyche.  Than suddenly it all came together, all my interests merged.  I was shown how my whole life was planned and how it all fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

I was raised as a Christian. In my mid thirties as a seeker I explored Spiritualism. In the early 90's the “Course in Miracles” came to me at just the right time in my life.  I needed to learn to forgive on a higher level. This practice answered my deepest questions and felt like it was all I would ever need.  I practiced the Course for 7 years.  I then was called to Buddhism/Hinduism in the late 90's.  I developed my own Tibetan practice from a prayer book that I found while working in a bookstore; prayers by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, from the Mahayan tradition. the Buddhist practice has been with me ever since.

In 2003 I graduated with honors and a purchase award from the University of Maine in Augusta with a BA in Art.  I created a body of landscapes that were shown through galleries, and various venues. 

In 2002-2006 I had several jobs teaching art in the community to adults and children. I studied and practiced Reiki; I received the attunements for Healing while in College.  In 2004, I had been searching for a gallery to show my work and had contacted a teacher for guidance.  I didn’t connect with the teacher, instead what come was a book written by a woman with the same name as my teacher called, “The Purpose of Your Life.”  I was taken on a journey of intense soul work for several months.  I did a vision board working intuitively and birthed several Archetypal self-portraits.   From this experience I had written a very creative workshop to take people through the process I had taken myself through.  

Archetypal Self Portrait

Archetypal Self Portrait

The self-portraits I created were very powerful with symbolic images.  Their meanings were revealed with the passing of time.  One was of my self as a Buddhist Monk with Birds of Paradise, which I had seen in a dream.  The other archetypal portrait was a blend of symbolic images from very significant dreams, this was birthed with a very healing journey over several months; I was painting intuitively and I wasn’t quite sure of everything in the painting.  I did have a strong intention while painting. As an artist I wanted my work to serve a divine purpose.  I just didn’t know how that would manifest. In my archetypal portrait, my paint brushes where tipped in gold (above illustration). And the book, I didn’t know what that was, the course in miracles was a blue book.

I had various illnesses brought on by environmental toxins that were very difficult to diagnose at the time. I studied nutrition and supplements to help myself and received intuitive guidance bringing me to the right doctors, with surreal experiences of healing. At times I heard a voice telling me what to do. It was a voice that told me I had gluten intolerance, I also knew I had amalgam illness. In 2014 I had a spinal injury that left me with constant pain and limited movement, unable to bend or exercise for over a year, limiting the flow of energy in my body, I fine-tuned this project while helping myself heal.  I was shown a doctors bag during the art therapy meditation for the Soul Chakra.  I knew I needed surgery; even though 5 doctors told me there was no surgery that could help me.  God led me through this healing journey; I found a very talented Neurosurgeon, I found out only two doctors did this kind of surgery in the US. 

In 2007-2008 I lived in Arizona.  I studied Hinduism for a year with Dharma Dharini who was one of the first Americans in 1998 to study at the Satyaloka Monastery in the South Indian Mountains.  The teachings focused on meditation for Chakra clearing, chanting, Mudras, Karma yoga and simple kundalini yoga exercises.  At this time I began my study on chakra healing. I also began to illustrate my meditations.

I attended a Puja Ceremony and Met Amma and Swamiji from Ekatvam: https://ekatvam.org/swami-amma/.  I prayed silently for my Art to serve a Divine purpose.  I went before Amma and she prayed over me, Amma looked at me and remarked, “An Artist,” "You would have to do the work."  I nodded yes.  I had said nothing to her, but from what she said to me I believed this meant I was going to receive a project. 

While in Arizona, I met a Music Therapist who needed 50 illustrations for a Music Therapy Divination deck of cards. I brought this illustration project back to Maine and completed 50 illustrations by 2010. I wondered if this was the project Amma had given me. While working on these illustrations I also taught art at two Montessori schools. 

In 2009 when back in Maine I joined a Buddhist Zen center, the Tree Top Center.  Months later I went into a mystical experience that lasted 9 months but phenomena continued for several years.  This experience was so profound for me;   I had a huge experience of good and evil playing out in the world. I searched many books to help me ground this experience.  I learned that I had gone through experiential training in energy healing.  I went through a shamanic death and a soul initiation for the Kabbalah.  I was knocking on Buddha’s door and God answered. I birthed my higher self, my “I AM” presence. I had realized my Archetypal Self Portrait of 2004. It took two years and a lot of journal writing and research for me to integrate this experience into my life. 

It was during this experience I realized I was manifesting through my art; my vision board was manifesting along with some of my illustrations. I received my divine purpose mentally during meditation while experiencing a healing.  I heard a voice giving me specific instructions, I was given this task and told I would teach this. It has taken me 5 years to complete the project that was received all at once.  “Art Therapy for the Mystic Soul.”  My awakening brought me into an experience of the God archetype. My mystical experience had prepared me for the Kabbalah. Now my soul longed for Jewish prayer.

I Joined the Beth Israel Conservative Synagogue, 2011-2013.  Here I attended Synagogue regularly for several years, studied and practiced Judaism keeping my Christian beliefs.  This was a conservative Synagogue they did not study the Kabbalah or work with angels.  Nor did they talk about Christ but did respect that I held my Christian beliefs.  All of this was done on my own.  I had written the meditations at that time.  I also spent two years reading and researching Mysticism in Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism. I researched the early roots of Shamanism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, ancient religions the numinous experience and phenomena; with appreciation and thanks to the Colby College Library. Many answers came through books, but we are covering new territory as we evolve spiritually.  I do recommend this program for those on the spiritual path.  It will help ground you and guide you through mystical experiences; keeping you centered in Love.

During this time I also became a member of the “Peaceful Heart Sangha” 2012-2013; following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hunh at a UU Church in Maine, here I received instruction to be a Bell Minder. I later joined another UU Church in Maine and started a Sangha called The Rhythmic Light Sangha, now my own Sangha is “Rythm of Light”. The Judeo-Christian Kabbalah practice was also in process. I am not a member of a church at this time I do my own practice at home. This practice I teach is a home practice, to do in the safety and privacy of your home. This practice is religion without dogma, it is to inspire creativity in worship. Prayer and ritual is God’s love language.  I am very much a Theosophist and Jungian soul.

This lifelong spiritual journey; my mystical experiences & personal experiences of healing body, mind and soul, combined with a deep yearning for the light, has formed the foundation of my practice; a creative blending of esoteric Buddhism/Hinduism and Judeo-Christian Kabbalah.  This is a daily home practice for energy healing, chakra clearing for self care, soul transformation, and awakening the light body.  It brings one under the guidance and teachings of Divine Beings and Archangels to empower you to help yourself; one must develop the higher senses to navigate safely in this world; its called learning to see in the dark.  You may be healed spontaneously after Karma clearing and emotional release or you may be guided to the right resources and healers. Most recently I have added Foot Reflexology to my list of services I offer. I found this to be very helpful in rebooting my body and removing attachments.

I live in Maine; I am blessed with 4 children, and 3 beautiful grandchildren. My parents are close by and siblings scattered about! With all the work I have done in the past 8 years I cherish my family time here and there! Along with time spent in nature, the simple things in life.   My project was completed 2011-13 for the meditations and 2015 for the books and workshops. I have worked all the way through as an Administrative Assistant and occasional art teacher.              Catherine Ann Lacombe

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Catherine Lacombe Artist Author

Catherine Lacombe Artist Author